Pet Gadgets – Top 5

Pet Gadgets – Top 5

30th June 2019 Off By Gadget Net UK

1: electriQ Pet Feeder with 2 way audio app and Video

  • Control your pets feeding from anywhere using your smartphone
  • Serves up to 4 meals a day at your chosen times
  • Manage your pets portion amount from 10 – 100g
  • It has a speaker so you can chat to your pet and let them know its time for food
  • Use the built-in camera to keep an eye on things while youre away
  • Store over two months amount of dry food in the 6L hopper

2: Pet Mate Cat Mate Drinking Water Fountain

  • Provides clean fresh filtered drinking water
  • Multi-height drinking levels. Safe low voltage power supply
  • Isolated pump for very quiet operation
  • 2 Litre volume capacity
  • 3 Year Guarantee

3: Victure 1080P FHD WiFi IP Camera

  • [VIDEO ENCRYPTION TECHNOLOGY ] The unique encryption technology is adopted by this IP camera to save videos on micro SD card.Nobody can copy the SD card’s video file through the card reader even when your camera or SD card is stolen.Video files in SD card can only be accessed by yourself in your own account.
  • [STABLE WIFI CONNECTION ] Easy and Quick installation and stable 2.4GHz WIFI connection for Victure IP Camera,just follow steps in the manual with “IPC360” app .Adapt to iOS & Android,You can not only set several preset positions in each camera,but also add several cameras in different terminals
  • [1080P NIGHT VISION & MOTION DETECTION] 10 pcs 850nm IR LEDs technology extend the viewing distance up to 30 feet in pitch dark to offer you a super night vision experience. Victure IP Camera can monitor movements then send notification to your mobile phone to prevent your home from invasion
  • [RAPID POSITIONING & PANORAMIC VIEWING] Victure IP Camera has 100┬░wide-angle lens with 355┬░horizontal & 100┬░vertically rotation range to achieve 360┬░panoramic viewing, no any blind zone, you just need click to see wherever you want in the panoramic screen
  • [2 WAY AUDIO ANTI NOISE] Victure IP Camera built-in 38dB microphone & speaker and anti noise technology, the fluent sound allows you to comfort your loved one. You can communicate with each other clearly whenever you want

4: Loc8tor Tabcat Pack Tracker ÔÇô Wireless Cat Kitten Pet Tracking Device

  • The most accurate directional cat locator of its kind. Effective and reliable, the handset guides you which way to walk using audio and visual cues to help find your cat in even the hardest to find places. Accurate to within 2.5cm /1 inch.
  • The directional handset picks up the signal from the cats homing tag. As you get closer lights go from red to amber and then green with the audio beeps clearly indicating.
  • Our patented Radio Frequency based technology is accurate enough to find where your cat may be hiding in the house, neighboring gardens or streets. Even if your cat is trapped in a shed, garage or stuck up a tree.
  • Small lightweight homing tag (6 grams) attaches easily to your pets collar. Much lighter, affordable and accurate than GPS. You can even train your cat to come home on demand. Protective Silicon Splash-proof cases supplied keeps tags dry and helps protect against any knocks or bumps.
  • Cats are known to be territorial and tend to stay close to home. Tabcat range is up to 122 meters / 400 feet (Based on a clear line of sight). As you move areas Tabcat will automatically light up when in range directing you which way to walk.

5: Happy Pet Products Petgear Dog Seat Belt

  • Keeps dogs safe & secure in cars
  • Connects harness to seat belt lock
  • 100% Synthetic
  • Wipe clean
  • Fastening: Belt
  • Long Sleeve
  • 12160
  • Adjustable for comfortable fit