Galaxy Watch: Official Introduction

Galaxy Watch: Official Introduction

17th May 2019 Off By Gadget Net UK
We believe that smartwatches should give you the freedom to stay connected longer. Introducing the new #GalaxyWatch.

[Classic analog aesthetics] The Galaxy Watch elegantly blends state-of-the-art technology with classic analog aesthetics, enhanced by the ticking second hand.

[Custom-made dual core processor] Our custom-made dual core processor is built on low-power architecture to make the battery last several days on a single charge.

[Standalone freedom with LTE] Spotify with LTE takes your music on the go. And you can now take calls and send messages, without needing your phone nearby.

[Personal trainer] Thanks to its integrated movement sensors, the Galaxy Watch becomes your personal trainer, encouraging you to choose from 39 pre-defined workouts, and times each rep as you move from one exercise to the other.

[Daily briefing and My day] The Daily briefing presents your schedule and weather forecast while the My day watchface takes care of your calendar, alarms and reminders at all times.

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