Galaxy Watch Active: Official Introduction

Galaxy Watch Active: Official Introduction

6th July 2020 Off By Gadget Net UK

Introducing next generation #GalaxyWatch Active. Most smart watches just capture data, but Galaxy Watch Active is smart enough to interpret it.

[Daily Activity Tracker] We developed sophisticated motion sensors that scrutinize your movements. So, like a personal trainer, Watch advises you how to improve your performance and reach your goals.

[Auto Workout Tracking] Watch ingeniously detects when you’re active and when you’re not.

[Stress Detection & Breathing Guide] We designed it to keep track of your stress levels so you can reset whenever you need to.

[Meditation programs in Samsung Health] And it’s configured to combine seamlessly with the Samsung Health app, so you can manage your fitness, look after your wellbeing.

[Advanced Sleep Tracking] And even monitor the REM quality of your sleep.

[Wireless PowerShare] In a truly revolutionary move, we’ve introduced Wireless PowerShare which will charge your watch right from the Galaxy S10.

All you have to do is choose a strap, pick a face and let Watch Active go to work.

Next generation Galaxy Watch Active. The smart watch that gives you smart advice.

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