6 Uses of the iPad 1st Gen in 2018

Photo Frame (Leave it plugged in and sorted a 9.7inch photo frame. Music: Sync to iTunes and you have yourself a music centre. And if like me you have the 64gb that’s quite a bit of music. eBook & Audio Book Pad: Make use of the working apps limited as they are you can still use the […]

AmazonBasics: Batteries

AmazonBasics AA Performance Alkaline Batteries: 8 Pack 20 Pack 48 Pack 100 Pack AmazonBasics AAA Performance Alkaline Batteries 8 Pack 20 Pack 48 Pack 100 Pack AmazonBasics Performance Alkaline Batteries [8 AA + 8 AAA] 8 AA + 8 AAA  

6 Awesome Presents for Mothers Day

1)  Portable Charger: Never run out of juice on the move again! And if needed you can borrow this present as well! 2) Bluetooth Speaker: Brilliant for music!! Your mum will love this present! 3)  Amazon Echo: Plays music, Reminds you, and a handy assistant! Something your mum will use on a daily basis! 4)  […]

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