Control Spotify with Cortana the DJ

“Hey Cortana, play My Daily Mix playlist.”

Microsoft stopped its Groove Music service at the end of last year and attempted to shift users to Spotify. As part of Microsoft’s embrace of Spotify, you can use Cortana to control the action in Spotify just as you had been able to do previously with Groove Music. The Cortana/Spotify integration is slick, but you first need to introduce Cortana to Spotify.

After signing in, you can now utter voice commands to play songs, artists, albums, genres and playlists, including any of your My Daily Mix playlists, Discover Weekly and RapCaviar. Your commands do not need to end with “… on Spotify.” You can just say, for example, “Hey Cortana, play My Daily Mix 3” and Cortana will hop to it, opening Spotify and playing your request. You can also use Cortana to pause, resume playing and skip tracks.

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