6 Great Car Gadgets

Dash Cam

Handy gadget to have on the road!

If you have an accident that wasn’t your fault this gadget may save you from trouble!


Mobile WiFi HotSpot

Keep your children entertained on long journeys with this handy device!

And keep up to date with emails, Facebook, and movies! (While stationary of cause)

Smart Phone Mount

Never lose your phone in the car again! And a handy mount for using the satnav!


Bluetooth Car Kit

Sick of straining to hear your phone calls using the loudspeaker function, and having to shout to be heard by the person on the other end? Worry no longer with this awesome gadget!

USB Car Charger

Charge multiple gadgets on the move! These are great little gadgets!

GPS Tracker

Never lose your car again just use this handy gizmo to track the car!

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