5 gadgets to buy your tech-loving Valentine

Battery Pack:

Is your other half always moaning about having a low battery?

These brilliant gadgets fit in their handbag and mean they won’t have to worry about a flat battery again!!

Alexa Fire Stick

Keep up to date with Amazon Prime Movies and films from this little gadget! Plug into the TV and off you go!

Smart Watch

With so many different smart watches out their why not treat your partner to a brand new watch!! They can track their fitness and stay connected to their phone!

Wireless Charger

Why not gift them something they can use every single day? A wireless charger!! So simple to use and compatible with most modern smartphones now!

You can purchase direct from the phone manufacturer or have a look for a cheaper option on eBay or Amazon?

Wireless Headphones

Earbuds or Headphones? You can purchase wireless alternatives for either of these! Treat your valentine to something they can use daily to listen to their tunes!


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