6 Great Desk Gadgets

1) Clip-On Cup Holder

Spring clip design cup holder fits for table thickness below 1.5 inches.
Made of PE plastic environmental material and the spring is made of steel.
A smart extension for your desk, table or shelf.
Holds your drink, phone or other small items firmly and easily.
Attractive and fashion design for your daily usage.



2) Solar USB Charger

Our Solar Window Charger allows you to charge your mobile phone wherever you go – at home, in the car or on a train. It comes with a suction cup that makes it easy to attach the charger to any window surface and let it collect the sun’s glorious free energy. Then just plug your phone’s charging cable in the USB output and let it fill up with solar power!

The charger’s brilliant white upperface houses five LED indicators: a green one to indicate charging, and four blue ones to indicate your battery’s status. The solar charger also comes with an integrated USB charging cable that folds into its body.

Besides collecting solar energy, the port can be charged through its integrated cable, which takes approximately two hours. By sunlight, a full battery can take up to 20 hours to fully charge, while the Port’s battery can charge phones up to 50%.

The solar charger doesn’t come with a cable to connect your phone, but thanks to the USB output you can easily connect your phone’s charging cable.

•    Easy on/off window with suction cup
•    Suitable for all USB chargeable phones
•    Lightweight – great for on the go
•    Unique design
•    LED battery indicator



3) Silent Mouse

Get all your work done without missing a beat or disturbing those around you. Silent Mice have the same click feel without the click noise – over 90% noise reduction.1 Durable, high performance feet quietly glide over the desktop. A smooth scroll wheel completes the silent experience. Silent Mice eliminate excess noise while protecting the health and productivity of everyone. Make this your last annoying click. Your family and friends will thank you.

4) Digital Smart Pen

STAEDTLER Noris digital

Pen with EMR-technology

Tradition meets innovation with The STAEDTLER Noris digital. An adaptation of a traditional pencil, it has the cutting-edge technology of an S Pen. This ergonomic pencil, made from innovative WOPEX material, is comfortable and easy to use with digital devices.





5) Cable Clips


A brilliant addition to any office, Handy for tidying cables and means you don’t drop them down the back!






6) USB Mail Notifier


Missing emails?

This handy gadget is very useful!! Never miss an email again with this desktop buddy!

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